Rules at all Empower Sports Events and Facilities


  • Conduct should be in the spirit of good sportsmanship

  • Rude, inappropriate, and disrespectful language is not tolerated

  • Children must be supervised at all times

  • We do not assume responsibility for any items lost or stolen

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the fields

  • No chewing tobacco, sunflower seeds are permitted on the fields

  • No glass containers are allowed on the field or in the facility

  • No pets inside the facility

  • We reserve the right to refuse play and or service to anyone

  • If we decide to close or cancel due to the weather we will post the cancellations on our social media platforms

  • If we remain open for league games and you feel that it is unsafe to come, please stay at home.


As a reminder, returning to play is a personal choice, and you should feel comfortable determining for yourself if you would like to resume activities in a small group environment. Empower Sports cannot accept any liability relating to resumption of group activities

General Health:

  • If you are sick or have symptoms of an illness:

    • Stay home. Stay home regardless of what is causing your illness

    • If you are confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19 practice self-quarantine measures and contact your physician

    • If you or your child has been diagnosed with COVID-19 you will be required to forfeit the remainder of the season for the safety of all the families involved in the soccer program.  

  • If you have been in close contact (within 6 feet) with someone who is suspected or confirmed to have COVID 19 follow St. Louis County recommendations

  • Advise your Empower coach immediately if any possible exposures have occurred

  • Please follow CDC personal hygiene guidelines.

Physical Interaction During Sessions:

  • Face masks are not required but common sense is

  • Empower coaches have been vaccinated and Empower assumes that adults who attend Empower Sports events (and youth where possible) have also been vaccinated

  • Anyone who isn't vaccinated, attends at their own risk

  • We will ask the players to not spit, share water bottles, etc. 

  • Please encourage your children to cover their mouth and nose with a bent elbow when they cough or sneeze.