3515 Shackelford Rd. Florissant MO 63031

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VISION — We believe that community is restored when the physical, spiritual, emotional and academic needs are being met. Our vision is for a region restored to a place where peace, justice, equality and self-sufficiency are a reality in every North (STL) County community and ethnic group. 

MISSION — Provide opportunities for the growth, capacity building and development of North County, especially initiatives that benefit youth and families, that ultimately impacts the betterment of the North County region. 


RELIEF—responding selectively to crisis situations, provide temporary relief or respite, and/or provide short-term intervention. In addition, providing betterment opportunities that provide folks the capacity to step forward with dignity and strength, and developing independence


ENRICHMENT—learning opportunities that allow for personal and professional growth and enrichment


COMMUNITY—overall development of our community through networking & advocacy.