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On December 9th, 2023, selected North St. Louis County families will have the opportunity to purchase NEW Christmas gifts for their children, at 10% of the original cost. Families are selected in collaboration with local school counselors and social workers. Parents or guardians are then allowed shop in our temporary store and choose gifts appropriate for their children. This year we are providing gifts for over 450 North County children. We also partner with FergFlor School District Parents as Teachers to allow teen moms to shop in the store. On average we provide $45 worth of gifts for each child.


This year our income goal is over $20,000. 


Through our Affordable Christmas Store, we affirm the dignity of our neighbors and provide families the capacity to celebrate the holiday season despite the challenges that they have had to face during the year. 


Individual giving through Giving Grid or would are you willing to partner with us as a corporate sponsor — we have an online community of 3.8K local followers and will share your corporate information with those members as recognition. 

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