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Fall 2023 Recreational Soccer
Peewee (ages 3-5) 7 WEEKS ONLY
U7-12 (Grades 1-6)


Team & Placement

Teams & Placement

Empower Sports wants to create a club like atmosphere in recreational soccer. Team names will be based on coach names and division (i.e. Fitzgerald U7-8 Boys) and team colors will be selected by the soccer director for each team. 

We encourage individuals to register but WE DO ALLOW TEAM REGISTRATIONS. If you register as a team you must provide a volunteer coach who is willing to follow the Empower Sports coaching protocols, including back ground checks and mandatory training - more information here

If a group of individuals, or friends of the same age, would like to be on the same team we will do everything we can to place them on the same team - though this isn't guaranteed. We will ask for you to add those requests during the registration process. 

Uniforms & Equipment

Uniforms & IDs 

Players must wear an Empower Sports issued uniform which includes shorts, socks and club shirt (with logo, player name & number). You will need to purchase the uniform from Empower - more info coming soon.  


For U7 & UP players, shin guards must be worn at all games. Player cannot participate without them. Soccer shoes or tennis shoes can be worn in emergencies. NO FOOTBALL OR BASEBALL CLEATS are allowed. For peewee, cleats and shinguards are recommended but not required. 

If there is a question from an opposing team about the age of a player, the director of Empower Soccer will verify that players age - usually a birth certificate. Other than that we have a trust system. If we do find that there are intentional discrepancies, players will be banned. 

Field Locations

Field Locations 

We will be playing all our games at North County Christian School (NCCS) — 845 Dunn Road, Florissant MO 63031

NCCS Field & Bleachers.png
NCCS Field & Tower.png


  • Who is Empower Soccer? We are part of Empower North County. In the past, we have managed teams that were part of FAAA & NCTL leagues but have started our own league because FAAA is not operating a league this year. 

  • Why can't we use our team name & colors? We want to create more of a club atmosphere. Empower North County's mission is to bring the community together and expand opportunities. Sometimes sports rivalries can create unnecessary tension. We want players, coaches and parents to remember that we are all part of one community and need to support each other no matter what team our children are on. 

  • We do we have to purchase our uniforms through Empower Soccer? Part of the way we create income is through printing our own uniforms. It therefore allows us to keep our prices lower.

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